Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Points to remember in Optimizing a Newly Website

To get on top of the list in major search engine is not easy. You have to work hard for it, optimize your site well and know some important factor that may affect your rankings. But before optimizing your site you have to analyzed the following to optimize your site well.

Site Analysis

In site analysis you have to know the following:

1.Nature of business. You have to know the nature of business that your going to optimize so that you can come up with the research on what keyword phrases that you are going to target. Of course you have to know your targeted customer and how they would like to search for your products or services.
2.Analyze the internal links of the sites if there's any broken links or page error.
3.Page design. Is the page of the site marketable, user friendly and search engine friendly?
4.Identify the page characteristics. If their using scripts and CSS, I would suggest you to transfer the code into external file because it can make your page bigger.
5.Text Content. Is your text content can get the attention of your visitors? Some say good content is the best way to get visitors.
6.Analyze also the site of your competitor that has higher ranking in major search engine for better rankings.

Keyword Research

In keyword research use keyword suggestion tool to know the number of searches per month of a specific keyword that you want to target. Do not target a keyword that is too competitive remember that your a newly website and it is hard for you to reach the higher rankings. I suggest you to start with a less competitive keyword then if you already have rankings and gain link popularity then you can start to target a competitive keyword.

If the content of the site doesn't targeted a keyword for your site you can start creating content using your keyword but don't over used it to avoid spamming. Check your keyword density and keyword prominence. Keyword density should range from 2%-4% to avoid spamming and you must target your keyword prominence from 70% and above. If you can balance your keyword density and keyword prominence the better you can rank well in major search engine.


alexandrian said...

The information you provided in this blog is very helpful. Thanks… 1>Where can I find a good suggestion tool for keywords? 2> How can I Analyze the internal links to check if there is a broken links? 3> What are the good points to remember for analyzing the competitors’ sites?

Deepak said...

Nice article for optimizing a website for search engines. In my opinion the keywords density can be kept 7%