Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Defining Marketing Online

Nowadays Marketing online is the commonly used method for advertising products and sevices via internet. In encyclopedias it is defined simply as marketing on the Internet. At first the confusion of experiments, beta versions of websites, search engines and other online devices cause marketers to consider this world of the Internet unknowable and perhaps too unpredictable, there is now a growing body of work to which marketers are now paying attention in order to develop online marketing programs.

However, Marketing Online is simply not off line marketing applied to a new online world. Online marketing has a slightly different character and purpose as indicated in such seminal works,

Marketing on the internet requires that one be found using keyword searches or some form of online advertising. In any case the trick to being successful in Online Marketing is being found within the top 30 search results.

There are 3 ways that one can be found:

1. natural search engine ranking (70% of searchers will skip over sponsored results and start with the naturally ranked sites)

2. Paid inclusion and

3. Pay per click. Due to the extreme difficulty of achieving a natural high ranking on a major search engine most companies opt for #'s 2 and 3 for their online marketing. Unfortunately the 3rd option is very costly and only the most well heeled companies can afford to market online via pay per click.

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