Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Does Online Marketing is the Effective way of Selling Products?

As time goes by and technology changes, the businesses also evolved. Many of the company nowadays are thinking on how to market their products successfully and at the same time to reach other customers around the world to increase their valuable customer and their profit. The most powerful strategy of selling your products today are marketing online. Have you ever heard the meaning of online marketing. Online marketing is defined from Wikipidea as the selling of products on the Internet. It is a type of e marketing, which in turn is a type of e-commerce. While at first the confusion of experiments, beta versions of websites, search engines and other online devices cause marketers to consider this world of the Internet unknowable and perhaps too unpredictable, there is now a growing body of work to which marketers are now paying attention in order to develop online marketing programs.

Here are the following advantages and disadvantages of Online marketing:

Advantage of online marketing

1. The company will be given the chance to sell their products online 24/7 a day and reach new markets and interact with them without wasting their time.

2. They can also improved their marketing through customer service via internet.

3. They can offer their products without wasting paper for their catalog because they can place the image online and update if there's a new product.

4. They can also promote their products through free promotional ads posting.

5. Inexpensive way of reaching new market and interact with them without transportation.

6. They can automated their transaction process like order and payments of their customers, inventory of their stocks.

7. They can update the customer with their new product by sending them an email.

8. It enhance their customer relations by providing their customers to post comments to improve their services or products.

Disadvantages of Online marketing:

1. The customer doesn't see the quality of the product that their going to buy online.

2. Some of the credit card account are being hacked by the hackers because some site are not secured.

3. There is more competitors that are selling like your products or your services offered out there.


We all know that everything has its own advantage and disadvantage. Even though online marketing has disadvantage factor you can resolve it by doing research and improving your product and services that they needed. Look for website developer's that is highly proven to the industry that develops the most relevant and secure website. Prove to your customer that your giving them the high quality products. Give them the chance to suggest on how to improve your product and services. Give them special offers that will make them stay and buy your products. Promotions is the effective way of marketing your products.

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